Wrilab2: About us

About us

Wrilab2 addresses the needs of

  • students of Czech, German, Italian, and Slovenian as a languages as a foreign language(s) in one of the partner countries, both at secondary school and/or university level;
  • non-native students with migrant backgrounds (and of any age), studying Czech, German, Italian, and/or Slovenian as a second language, who need to improve their written language skills;
  • secondary school and university teaching staff members, involved in the teaching of any of the languages offered by the project as a foreign language or second language;
  • adults employed in such sectors as journalism, tourism, commerce, and public administration, who are interested in improving their writing skills in one or more of the four available foreign languages.


Wrilab2 aims at

  • offering free interactive language-learning material, designed specifically for learners of one or more of the four languages included in the project aiming at enhancing their writing skills;
  • paving the way for a discussion involving both universities and schools at European level with regard to the teaching methodology and assessment criteria of writing skills in the four L2s included in the project, with particular attention dedicated to texts of argumentative nature;
  • creating a suitable virtual environment for the acquisition of writing skills by L2 students, in the form of a Moodle-based on-line laboratory providing a wide range of text types to be illustrated and analysed by students, who will then receive guidance during the translation process, i.e. from the draft to the final revision, in a reader-friendly perspective.